Deformer Glitch in Harmony 16

I have been having problems in Harmony 16 when it comes to Deformers, when ever I delete the keyframe for deformer it doesn’t go to resting position. It turns into the handles and positions it was when setting the deformer.

It really annoying when it comes to doing handles with the curves, everything just flies all over the place.

I thought I figured out a fix a long one by copying the resting position information to the deformation information under it, but it still didn’t work after when you try to set it to the original deformation position. It works fine in Harmony 15 but is flying all over the place in 16.

I have the same problem, when I copy a drawing with the deformer to the next frame, the program closes suddenly

I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees this problem I say this and it confuses people.


Could you upload some screenshot.
From what I understand you have functions for deleting keys on current frame and remove all keys in the

What do you mean with resning position? Is it a kry frame position of the deformer?