deformer chain chaos

Hello everybody,

I have a strange problem using deformation chains.
I build a character rig in a mixed style. Arms and legs are set up as parent/child chains. I use deformation chains for bending the body, the feet and the (long) hair. These chains are seperated by Kinematic Output nodes. The test animation worked well. Now just without warning the deformation chain in the body gets partly contoll over one arm and the chain for the hair completely got out of controll, showing a not explanable offset and rotation to the drawing. Keyframes that worked are now showing strange behavior.
Well, Im not expecting you to have a simple solution to this. I just would like to know if there are any frustrated animators somewhere, that had similar experiences.
I’m using Harmony Premium 14 (the so called bugfixed version, that is only available on request).
@ToonBoom: This is not funny. I lost lots of time for my project and I have no idea if or when this will kill my work again. I had to do a project with moho and I can tell you: those bones are working propper and the setup is very easy. And you as the creators of the “industry standard” should have done better.
Keep on hoping for a working version 15.

Greetings, Steven

Okay. 10 Minutes after my post, Harmony stopped working completely. Had to reinstall it. After that defomation worked again as expected. Files open normally.
@Toonboom: sorry for my slightly angry post but I saw weeks of work going within seconds…