deformation (riggin tool) questions


I was testing the rig tool and trying to put some rigg in a character (in frame 1 is the front view, in the frame 2 is the 3/4, in the frame 3 is the profile view, and all the parts are in separate layer with their pegs, like the official tutorials teach).
now, when i put the rig in a chest, for example, and then i create a kinematic output and link the arms and head, when i move the manipulator everything works fine,but when i go to the frame 2, and create once again the rigg (because its a different draw), i have to create another kinematic output and relink the arms and head to the new kinematic output. and when i make the rigg in the frame 3 (the profile), its happens once again.

so i try to rig form the last frame and backwards. and in this way, with only one kinematic output is good.

why is that way?

and one more thing, when i rename the drawings (and the drawings in the frame 2 now are the draw “51” and the drawings in the frame 3 are now the draw “101”) the rig dissapear!!!

i don’t know if i’m making something wrong or what.

is there any tutorial (a really good and pro one) about this amazing tool?


i believe that once you create a deformation chain you can’t rename the drawing. it breaks whatever math is going on behind the scenes. just make sure you name your drawings first before rigging.

Thanks Frank! that tip helps a lot!!

is there any tutorial that may helps to understand and know more?!

for renaming drawings with deformers Frank is correct. You should name them first before adding the deforms. If you want the same deform rig on multiple drawings you can do that by naming the drawings in a unique way, ex: 1+2, 1+3, 2+4. The first number relates to the deform, the second is the drawing name. So if you have a deform rig that you like on drawing 1, but you’d like a few different drawings to use it with, instead of having drawing 1, 2, 3, 4 and having to create new deforms for each one, you can have drawing 1 (with the original deform), then rename drawing 2 to 1+2, 3 becomes 1+3, and 4 is now 1+4, all four drawings will be unique, but they will all share the same deform rig, meaning you can animate into each other (drawing substitution will still be required). So to summarize the logic behind the new naming, the first number (in my example it is 1) relates to the deform, and the second number (in my example 2, 3, 4) relates to the actual artwork, the + gives you one deform for multiple drawings.

oh nice I didnt know that one. thanks!

wow!!! amazing tips HaBla! thanks!!!

how do you know that?

those kind of things has to be in a tutorial.

and in more depth, they should have a more natural and simply way to do that!

Hi all,

I change the name of dwg after adding deformer and this one work well but, I can’t swap dwgs.

Do you mean there that you keep the full name xx + 1 and you just add for other dwgs and extra names to those wich start with the same xx + 1 + * will work on the same deformer?
'cause it has the same preambule?

Tks to help, I’m strongly looking to know how to swap and keep my deformers.

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