Deformation - Is there a way to double-root a deformation?

For instance, I have a character that has a monocle with a chain that pins to his lapel. For the sake of ease, the ‘chain’ can just be a stroke from a line tool.

I want the two roots to be linked to the monocle and the lapel so I can use the deformation tool to create a swaying motion and move the monocle and lapel independently.

I’m messing around with the pegs that are created in the deformation itself but they all seem to have different input boxes making me unsure about what things affect what. I’d really dig into it myself but I’m remarkably short on time.

Any help would be very appreciated.

This Kinematic Output thing… is there a tutorial for available for this?

These are the Deformation tutorials: think the Kinematic output was in the third tutorial: “Creating a Full Character Turnaround Deformation Rig”

What I would do in this case is I would just put a curve deformer on the line. I would make the lapel the parent of the overall deform group, or you can just manually pin it to the lapel, keyframing it there. Then you can make the monocle a child of the kinematic output of the deform group.

So basically, create your curve. Then select the deform group and Create Kinematic Output, then you can use this to connect to your monocle.

Then you can animate the swaying on the deform of the chain, and the monocle will follow the movement.


There’s a button on the Deform toolbar for Create Kinematic Output, so you can just select the group and click that button, and you’ll be able to hook that second output up to a peg.