Deformation Help

I have created a puppet with three poses… Front, Quarter and Side. Torso, arms and legs all have deformations applied to them (separate ones for each view). I have checked my network against the User Guide three times and I know everything is connected correctly. The problem is, if I animate the torso deformation, say, starting in the Front view, and somewhere during the animation, I want to switch to the Quarter view, the Torso in the new view goes back to it’s original starting position instead of maintaining the bend I put in the front view. Am I missing something, or is this just how it is?

A quick answer would be appreciated as I am teaching this type of rigging in a college course this week. Thanks, guys.

i dont know of any way to fix that, and it actually kind of makes sense when you think abut it. you are dealing with two separate drawings (a 3-4 and a front body) that each have their own deformation chain. you can try copying and pasting key frames from one deformer to the next, but im willing to bet you’ll not get the desired result.

one way around this would be to create a symbol, put the body views in there, and put a deformer chain on that symbol. then flip to the body you want inside that symbol where you need to in-time while the deformer is on the outside doing its thing. that might work?

Hi Mike,

I had similar problems in the past as well, what I ended doing is to actually create an empty drawing as a parent for your actual torso drawing and apply the deformation peg on that empty drawing, that way when you are switching drawings on your body, it won’t affect your deformation peg because it was applied to your empty parent peg and not on your torso.

It was confusing at first because deformation peg is different to a normal peg. a normal peg would apply to a drawing layer but a deform peg only applies to the individual drawing within the layer.

Hope this help and I;m making some sense.


By default, each drawing swap will have its own chain. Usually this makes sense, because different drawings may need to have different chains.

You can turn off that preference, and have all drawings share the same chain when they are created on a drawing layer. Or, you can control it on an individual basis.

There’s a specific naming convention, where if you rename your drawings to share a same deform. Let’s say you’ve named your front torso drawing front. If you then have a second drawing that you want to share the same deform chain, then you can call this one front+1, and the third could be front+2. Simply renaming the drawings will make them share the chain. Check out the documentation here:|Toon%20Boom%20Harmony%2010%20Stage%20User%20Guide|Chapter%2018%3A%20Deformation|Creating%20a%20Full%20Character%20Turnaround%20Deformation%20Rig|_____3

Depending on what your drawings look like, it may not make sense for them to share the same chain. If you use a different chain, then when you swap you just need to reposition the new chain to more or less match where it makes sense for it to go. It doesn’t need to be exact, because this is what gives your animation an organic quality, and it can never actually be exact when there’s a drawing change anyway.

Hopefully that helps!