Deformation Chain not showing. Is this a Bug?

Hi everyone,
I am frequently encountering the same problem that my Deformation Chain will not show after reloading a project.

In this case I select the Arm where the Curve Bone was working fine a week ago but now it just won’t show up again and this problem happened before on some other projects.

After I select my curve I select the Transform Switch on the left side Tool bar.
Nothing showing so with the curve still selected I click on the ’Show the Selected Deformation Chain and hide all other’ Switch on the top toolbar and still no deformation Chain.

I can’t figure out this problem and it is driving me nuts.

Here is the screenshot so you can see for yourself that there is no Deformation Chain showing.

Thank you all for your help
/Users/claudioravenstein/Desktop/Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 23.43.43.png