Deform stops on dwg sequence (on swapped eyes)...

I wonder how should I do to have the dwg following the transformer (transformer continue to work on even when swap dwg.

In my sequence, I have a curve on eye: open eye on frame 1 & 2, half on 3 & 4, closed on 5 but… The deformer stop to 1: It’s my first rig, first body and the hierarchies work good.

I’d need more details to know exactly what’s happening. But, probably, the problem is that you haven’t rigged the other drawings, just the first one.
Take into account that harmony doesn’t apply the deformer per layer, but per drawing. So, every drawing has its own bones or curves, even if they are in the same layer.

I hope that helps.

that helps, and the other posts that I just went through too,

Have a good day all, :slight_smile:

  • Lady Sy