Deform Problem

Hello everyone

I have a problem with the deform tool, that I never experienced before. It is as if it ignores some ancor-points. For showing the problem you find here a printscreen:

Could it be, that I have mistakenly done some wrong settings for the deform tool? (For the bone there I have: Infinite Influence, Radius 2)

Thank you very much for your help!

I don’t think I can help with this unless I can play around with the project file to understand what is going on. Upload it somewhere that is accessible if you are interested in sharing the file with people. (me?)

Hello o0Ampy0o

Sorry for my late response. I am not sure if it was a problem that I was using “Symbol” and the deform was in it. I tried this morning to do the same and I was very surprised, as it is again working. The last time I tried several times, and it never worked out…

If you are still interested to have a look on the file - I made a reduced version. You can find it here:

Thank you very much for your time.

Best regards

What version of Harmony are you working with?

I had a chance to open the file you posted.

I used 12.1.1 then 14. The result was identical FWIW.

I have never used symbols. There were no deformation peg/nodes. When I activated the deformation setup the deformation skeleton showed up but I could not select it to alter the deformation.

How do you manipulate deformers on a symbol? I was unable to pull up sufficient information Googling the topic.

Hi o0Ampy0o
Thank you very much for your reply! The toon boom version that I am working with is Harmony Premium 14.0

I just started to use Symbols, because it helps me to tidy up my project. When I want to change something in it, I double click on it and get inside of it (I like it, because it reminds me strongly how After Effects works)

Ah yes Franzl I was able to do that by double clicking on it, thank you.