Deform problem

So I’ve started working on harmony 11 and I was really happy to possibility of using deforms, but I have so many issues with those.

The main problem (for bones and curves) are elbows. When forearm moving over the arm, the elbow crashing like hell. Lost its shape and dont cover with color all space.

This circle on the elbow doesnt help at all in that case.

I understand that there is a problem with that in curve mode, but in the bone also?

I made a lot of rigs with deforms but im starting to thinking that its useless because of amount of time Im losing to fix it frame by frame.

Look at this. Do you have any idea or sugestions what to do?

PS. I know that I should look on render view and I do. Also there is another problem. Sometime it looks fine in render view, and looks like shit after rendering :frowning:

I suppose you are using the polyline tool or the pencil line and your lines have very few points. If that is the case, try adding more points to the vector in the areas where you want the arm to bend.

I always try to keep my drawings as clean as possible, and you’re right that was the problem (part of the problem ;)). It s much better with more points on vector. I didnt see that information in any TB documentation. They should bring it to front. Thank you so much. If someone else have some good points about deform I’d aprecciate that :slight_smile:

One more question, because I see you know what you’re talking about. Do you have any idea what to do with folding problem, when I move a forearm over the arm? Fold module doesnt work for me with those hard angle folds (it works fine with small folds, anyway). Or maybe I cant configure it right. Do you have any tips?

I attache the screen of the problem.