Recently, i was working on a character. I had created the necessary rigs and pegs, along with the master peg, and then i made a master template for it as well. i also used the rigging tool for the character. Everything seemed just fine. but then I noticed whenever i render the character, one of the layer’s is badly deformed, even though it looks just fine in the drawing view and camera view. I’m not sure if i messed up when creating the master peg or what, but i would really love some help finding out what went wrong. [ i would include a screenshot of it but for some reason the program boots me out when ever i try to do that]

You need to double check your rig and how the deformers work by going from OpenGL view to render view. Just click on the little flower icon below the screen of the Camera view and you’ll see how it looks. Then you can adjust accordingly. I’ve had some rigs look perfectly fine but when I render the view I find holes in the deformer parts and z space errors that don’t show up in OpenGL.

Contact support to have a look at your project. It might also help to have a look at the layer properties window to see if any of the setting are not what you expect them to be.