Deform changes in new version?

I’ve gone through a lot of puppet, deformation, IK tutorials today. And, while the tutorials are nice, I’m now full of more questions than when I started…

Before shooting like a madman I want to ask if there are any big changes planned in how to connect deform chains and IK in the upcoming version?

Thanks Lilly.
In that case I’ll ask you two related questions:
1. Is there is any way of animating bone deform chains as if they were IK chains, and with all benefits that come with animating IK chains such as temporarily locked position per bone etc.? I haven’t gotten it to work that way yet. Perhaps I haven’t dug deep enough yet?

2. I’m having trouble accepting the “parent/ child/ grandchild…” system. In physical puppet animation any joint can at any time act like the parent. It’s up to the animator. A bit like in IK animation where you temporarily lock a bone - then it suddenly behaves sort of like a parent, right? It would be such a great help if this was possible in deform chains as well. Perhaps it is? Have I missed it?

best regards

There will be performance enhancements, but no major changes in implementation.


This is not something that has been implemented in the Deform concept. Deform can only be animated from parent to child, in FK.