Default to 25 fps. How?

Each time I start up Harmony, it presents me with a default NewScene prompt, at 24 fps. However, in Europe we mostly work in PAL, at 25 fps. Often it happens that someone overlooks the 24 fps box, and starts working. Only to discover much later, that the frame rate is wrong. So is there any way to make Harmony default to 25 fps?

Hey ComicHouse!

Follow these steps, I think this will definitely make your life easier. : )

  1. You have to go to the following folder:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Harmony 16.0 Premium\etc
  2. From there, copy the resolution.conf file onto your desktop (I make a copy because my computer will not allow me to overwrite the file directly)
  3. Open it with WordPad or any other program that will read the file as a text format.
  4. Scroll down to where the resolutions are listed. On top of that list, you will find default HDTV_1080p24
  5. Replace HDTV_1080p24 by the desired resolution name, for example: “default HDTV_1080p25”
  6. Save and close the resolution.conf file.
  7. Drag the resolution.conf file into the folder and replace the original file.
  8. Voilà! Done.

Also, here is the path for MAC:
Applications⁩ ▸ ⁨Toon Boom Harmony 16.0 Premium Network⁩ ▸ ⁨tba⁩ ▸ ⁨etc⁩