Default settings upon opening TB Studio

Does anyone know how to change the default working environment settings for TB?? I mean I would like to redefine things like; having the pencil selected instead of the brush, changing the default brush sizes, grid off, onion skin on, etc.
Is there a config file somewhere that I could alter these values in?

There is no way to define the working environment, the software generally remembers the settings from your last session. It’s probably better to remember the hotkey shortcuts for those features that you use a lot. After a short while these will become second-nature and you won’t even need to think about them to use them.

yes it is already second nature… I asked this question because I have been using Toon Boom Studio for about 10 years now - and every time I open the software I go in and change all of those things I mentioned. Every single time! So even with shortcut keys I have probably wasted about 1 year of my life ha ha … time and time again opening tb studio, switching to pencil, turning off the grid, onion skin etc etc etc before I get to work. Just want to get as streamlined as possible.
Is there no behind the scenes fix? Like a preferences hack?

As I said, the software generally saves its state but on your computer it doesn’t. There is something on your system interfering. Contact support and they can remotely investigate what’s happening on your computer. I would suspect an antivirus program if it’s Windows.