Default layer placement.

Hi Folks,
I want to have new drawing layers appear at the top of the timeline rather than at the bottom. I found a preference setting for the X sheet that lets you select where new columns appear, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Hi Lily,
No, its the strangest thing. I’ve tried every combination of preference settings/ layer selections you can imagine, and it just keeps on placing new layers at the bottom of the timeline or X sheet. This is a new behavior, btw. I’ve tried restarting as well, but no joy. ???

By default it should be adding new layers at the top. However if you already have a layer selected, it will add that layer directly above the layer you have selected. Is it possible you have a layer at the bottom selected?


And if you do a Restore All Defaults in your Preferences window?

Perhaps this is not a simple answer. You should write in to