Default ease in/out settings

I’ve been studying Richard Williams Animators Survival Kit and it seems that with almost every movement you want to add some sort of ease in or out to make it less mechanical and dull. To set the ease you have to do it keyframe by keyframe or use the Set ease for multiple parameters if the keyframe for several layers are all in the same frame. Either way, it gets rather tedious.

It would be nice to have some way to set a default for this in either the preferences or have a script or something. I find that by the time I have set my keyframes I am too lazy to go back and tweak the ease settings and generally leave them at zero. Or sometimes I go ahead and set them and then in the playback hardly notice the difference–ha!

We have a script that lets you just input a percentage instead of dragging on handles, but you still have to go back and adjust each keyframe - you can’t range select all your keyframes and use the script on it. I just tried it out and truthfully I did not find it faster than using the new Set Eases on Multiple Parameters window with the handles.