Default Colour Palette Question

Is there a way of loading a default colour palette on startup of any new project? (like in Toon Boom Studio, when on startup you have much more colours)

unless i misunderstood your question…when you start a project, there is the default palette that comes with every new project. it has pretty much all colors. if you like to start up with a palette of your own every time you create a new project, you can import that once you’ve created your project from the import palette option in the palette window.

well not really, in Toon Boom Animate you only have the basic 5 or 6 colours instead of the rainbow-like colour palette that you have in Toon Boom Studio. I figured out I could create my own palette and import it on every new project. I just wondered if there’s a way of starting each new project with a different default palette than the default 6 colours.

Hi GinoZump,

One way would be to create a palatte with all the colours you want and then after saving it, rename the palatte default and put it animate’s directory in the program files [taking out the original default palatte file first and saving it to a different place on your hard drive or sticking it in a renamed folder incase you want it back].
I would even try renaming studio’s default palette to default and sticking it in animate’s program files. Most likely studio’s palatte is the same .plt file as animate’s palatte - just needs renaming and correct placing in the program directory.

Hope it helps.


Hi GinoZump,

When you create a new scene, just rename the palette if it isn’t renamed with the scene upon saving it the first time. It’s less time consuming to use a full palette and name each colour pot you use [shirt, sky, etc] than create a bunch of colors each time you create a scene. The colors are linked to the painted zone, and it doesn’t matter if your scene starts out with five colours or 150 colours - it’s what is easier for you.


You can create your own default palette but I don’t recommend doing this, and let me explain why.

The way that Animate and Animate Pro’s colour system works is that each colour pot has its own unique ID. That means that every time you paint with that colour pot, it remembers the regions that you have painted with that colour.

Similarly, if you want to go back and change a colour, all you have to do is double-click that colour and you can adjust the colour.

For this reason, it’s best that you build up a unique palette for each character and object in your scene. That way, when you create a template of that character, it brings with that template only the exact colours that you need for that character. It makes it much easier to keep track of how many colours you have, and if you label them correctly, for example Shoe for your shoe colour, Hair for that character’s hair colour, then it’s going to be much more simple. If you need to do effects on just that colour later, then you’ll be able to very easily identify which colour you need to adjust.