debug mode

What exactly does debug mode do? I have been having some issues where what ever tool i am using such as the brush or zoom or pivot tool will turn into the paint bucket tool and not let me switch to anything else, than randomly switch back. I have tried everything all the hot keys clicking the tool menu buttons, its very frustrating. However when I turn on debug mode it doesn’t do it anymore, I don’t know why but now I am curious what debug mode actually does, and should it have any effect over my problem?


The debug mode should simply start creating logs of what you are doing in the software. Maybe the fact there is an extra task that need to be done before switching the tool could explain why it changes the behavior, although it should not really affect the software itself.

Are you getting this paint bucket issue consistently on all of your projects? How often is this happening?



Okay, that’s what I thought debug mode did strange that it would fix my problem. It was happening quite often almost every time I would switch from one tool to the other, or after a couple uses of the tool, it was really screwing up my work flow. It was happening with all my projects in animate pro. I tried working in digital pro as well and there is no problem there. its very strange. The problem is definitely not fixed but the debug mode thing seems to work for now.

thanks a bunch

Yes, I too have a similar problem when painting with the paint brush tool then selecting the select tool, animate pro seems to reselect the brush tool again…
using pen and tablet?

well debug mode isn’t doing the trick haha, bummer. ladyUV if you have any luck solving this paint bucket problem please let me know.