Debit Card Info not saving on account info

Earlier this year I had a new debit card made for me. It has the same card number, however the expiration date and the security code are different. For the past few months I’ve been constantly re-updating my card info on my account with the different expiration date and security code, but when the next month passes (Like from August to September), the card info reverts back to my old info. Thus, I get a billing error. For some stupid reason, my card info isn’t staying updated to my newest card. I’ve literally looked up this issue and no one else is having it… It’s literally just me. What should I do? I have Harmony 20 Advanced by the way.

Is anyone able to help me with this issue? Today was my subscription renewal and once again, my card expiration date in my account info was reverted back to the original. My payment was declined again. This is ridiculous. I shouldn’t have to re update my card info every billing cycle because of a stupid glitch. Do they have a support number I can call?


Sorry for the delay, I have only just started in taking care of the Forum.

If anyone is having similar issues, please reach out to

This will contact our official support department and they will be able to take care of you promptly!

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