Deadpool Intro recreation, can it be done with Harmony?

Has anyone tried recreating the opening sequence in the first Deadpool film? I’m a new animator and was wondering if you can even do it in Harmony

From what I know with drawing you can create things easier than in 3d. So my answer would be: possible. Though a lot of work anyway.
You could use some 3d models and pose them as reference for your 2d artwork.

The “opening sequence” as in the opening credits? Trying to recreate that with Harmony would be like pushing a 3 foot diameter water balloon up a 5 mile trail with lots of thorny vines crisscrossing the path …and lots of broken glass everywhere …and with a large swarm of very upset wasps feeling you are responsible.

You could do something related to it within the limitations of your tools. Limitations could even be exploited as part of the interpretation. For instance, showing that everything is just an image on a flat surface as the camera travels through the scene…in a sort of low budget version not trying to hide the fact and even laughing at itself.