Deadline?What deadline?

It is not OK to wait 12 seconds for a line to show up after drawing it.
I’ve heard people complain about lag when a cursor is only two millimetres behind a fast moving pen.
This TBS however is ridiculous even in it’s newest release, I have tried every setting under the sun on more than half a dozen computers all with plenty of memory top notch specs over the period of about two years.
I did get one desktop machine to run TBS smoothly, and a tablet also
(discontinued) but I can’t explain why, does Toon Boom even bother to test?
Maybe you could recommend the appropriate Desktop, tablet pc and preferences to get a line to draw on time, consistently all day everyday?
Don’t just say it works ok on a mac, WT ???

Very shabby results.

What are the specs for the computer that you’re using (video card, memory, CPU)?

I ask because it’s worked well with every computer that I’ve put it on. That’s both Windows and Mac.

Having loads of memory will not help you to solve this problem. The thing that is causing this problem is most likely your graphics card and its drivers. What graphics card do you have? What is your operating system? Do you have the latest drivers for your graphics card?

Make sure that your graphics card meets the minimum requirements listed on the website.

Toon Boom Support

Nvidia quadro with latest drivers.

I have playing around with the demo of SBP2 on my Macbook Pro (which only has a NVIDIA GeForce 320M video card in it) and have had a great experience with it so far. It is very responsive, and fairly intuitive. There is absolutely no delay when drawing strokes, however I did notice that there is a setting in the preferences panel for delay on vector stroke.

…just wish I could afford this app right now.

Are you working on Windows 7 or Vista? Try disabling the Aero scheme from your desktop. Right-click on the desktop and select Personalize, then select Basic instead of Aero under schemes.

Toon Boom Support

Why aren’t you using your other account name (greebleK_57250)?? Troll, maybe?

You can refer anyone wherever you want. Clearly, my post was helpful - like a plunger clears a toilet, it pulled you out of the sewers of the internet.

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It was an issue with the trial,
The full program works very nicely, it was just the the trial was buggy, not a good indicator of the actual apps real performance which is great I have to say now After I bought it (I hope for toon boom and its customers sake that that trial issue has been rectified).
Clearly greeble (whoever they were;) was telling the truth, comparing experiences on very different hardware and OS perspective I think is probably inappropriate.
It might work perfectly there, as does the full release of SBpro2, on win7 it doesn’t mean that greeble is a troll or lying, it can be very exasperating being called such things , when constructive help is really what is required.

Everyone here is just trying to help each other out, so let’s keep it professional, please.

Did you try to turn off the Aero scheme on your desktop? Did this solve your problem, or are you still experiencing problems? Have you tried emailing support - ?