Deactivation of Story Board Pro Software

Well i recently downloaded the free trial Story Board Pro software but its telling me to get the trial license key before trying it, im really interested in using it but first i want to take it out from my computer so i can download it the right way

Can someone tell me how to take out Story Board Pro or deactivate it from my computer m where i can get help?

You can install the software on multipole systems but the license
can only be on one at a time.

To transfer the license to another system, you must first return
the license from the original computer before you will be able to
activate the license on the new workstation.

To do this, open the license wizard from the “License Tools” folder
of the software using the options:
Manage Licenses
Manage Local License
select the license and hit the “Return” button.

After returning the license it becomes immediately available to
be activated on the other computer.

For removing the software itself drag it’s folder from the Applications
directory to the trash and empty the trash. On Windows use the
“Add or Remove Programs” found in the Control Panel of Windows
or search the Cortana bar using “uninstall”

What is the logic behind using this process for the trial license?

Sometimes people running trials also want to move the software to a different
computer to perhaps compare performance between them. Trial licenses
like actual licenses are limited to running on one system at a time.

I understand the value in restricting a paid license but the same restriction on a trial license seems counterproductive. It is an opportunity to try the software. If you need to see it running on multiple machines the easier Toon Boom makes this the better it would be for everyone including Toon Boom.