Hi there.I recently installed storyboard Pro on my office iMac where I created a new project and built a library from all of my previous works. I then deactivated the single license so that I could put Storyboard Pro on my laptop to work at home. I copied the file over to my laptop but when I opened it up the library was the default library - no new work was transferred over. Is there an oversight on my part? Something I forgot to do perhaps? How can I get that Library transeffered over? I will be needing to do this single transfer over and over again in order to get this job completed.Thank for your time.Cam

Anything that you store in the library is actually saved in a folder on your system, usually in the My Documents folder on a Mac or in the home directory / Documents folder on a Mac. Should be called something like Toon Boom Storyboard Library. Copy the contents of this library from one computer to the next. Make sure you refresh your library when you open up on the new computer.~LillyToon Boom Support

Beautiful. Thank you for the help. I was building my assets in the Template folder and nothing showed up in the My Documents/TBLibrary on my desktop folder until I transferred everything to the Global folder within Storyboard. Problem solved.

Hi Cam,
Based on your original question, you were able to move the license from one computer to your laptop. I’m trying to get my storyboard pro license moved from the old “frozen” computer via firewire to my new computer. Do you know if accessing the Storyboard Pro file from my old computer while on the desktop of the new computer affects my ability to perform the transferring license procedure?