Deactivating Storyboard Pro license for use on another computer

So… My laptop died on me, and I can no longer use it. Is there a way to deactivate a Storyboard Pro license registered to a computer that won’t turn on? I need to switch to working on another computer, but can’t. It’s Friday night and I REALLY need to work this weekend. Any help would be appreciated.

Usually the License Wizard on the active installation computer is used to “return a license.” Then you log into your account on TB, re-download and install the software on the other computer. Once installed you activate it online. If you keep an installation de-activated on another computer so you just have to return and activate then you just return and activate using the corresponding computers.

In your case you won’t be able to return the license. You will need to contact support. You could try to start at the activation stage from the other computer. There might be an option to return the other computer’s license from the new computer. You could try to activate the software on the other computer and go by whatever response you get.

There is more than on entry in the Knowledge Base. One states that deactivation cannot be done through email. Yet there is an email option in the License Wizard. If you can do it though email I think it is just to involve a tech who performs the necessary work manually on their end.

Here is the return a license tutorial:

Here is the topic in the Knowledge Base (two different entries):

If your laptop died only can help. You will need to email them your license code.