De-select in Contour editor

Hi all
Is there a little known way of de-selecting a selection in contour mode. I know in Select mode you can de-select with the shift held down and by clicking on the item again, but I have tried and looked all over the docs and these forums, can anybody help please ? TIA

I’m probably not understanding your question correctly because unselecting
a selection made with the contour editor is as simple as clicking on a blank
(i.e. area not drawn or painted; the “paper” in effect) region.

If I have several things selected in Contour mode and I want to de-select some of them, not all of them, can that be done ? - without de-selecting and re-selecting ?

You can but only one white point at a time with the Shift key. Shift click on the white point you don’t want.

Thanks for that, I also found out that the selection is persistent. ie if you select with select tool and then change to sub-select tool (alt-a) then the selection will remain from tool to tool.

Just hold SHIFT + right mouse button .