Database Set up

How do I go about to set one up? Documents I read so far only shows how to connect to Database but no “setting up” one? Can someone please help! Thank you.

If you are running Networked Harmony, Lily is right,
support will do good getting you up and running.

Actually, if you have Standalone you can set up a database,
you simply don’t need to setup one up unless you need to access
certain functions. The following was in an email to me from
tech support.

"When Harmony complains about no access to the database, it is referring
to the Harmony database. If you have not set up a Harmony database then
you can run the Stage module in offline mode. If you wish to set up a database,
then you must use the Harmony Database Wizard/Assistant to set one
up. Note that the batch rendering and vectorization required running in database
mode. Note also that almost all of the functionality of Harmony is available in
Stage running in standalone mode so it is not really necessary to set up a
database for Harmony unless you wish to do so."

Hope this helps.

I did setup a database, had it working then gummed it up and
had to delete it. Now I am simply running in Standalone mode.
Just don’t try to run the modules outside of Stage. Their functions
are neatly folded in to Stage already.

And probably a little note about the database, it’s function
and configuration should pop up during installation. It left
me a bit puzzled too. It probably should have an option to
automatically start up in standalone mode instead of pestering
us recluses to choose a database or standalone every time.


in ToonBoom Harmony 9.2 folder, has short cuts for Paint - Controlcenter - Scan - xsheet, all asked for database to be able to open.
I thought I have to set up database to get all working properly.

My Version is Stand Alone, so I should not bother with those.

Thank you for clearing this up for me Tom, Lilly.

You are quite welcome!


If you’ve got the networked version of Harmony, then you should contact for help with the setup.

If you’ve got Harmony Standalone, then you won’t be able to create a database.