Dark Humor Animation shorts

Hey guys. Finished my first animated short. It’s a sketch called The Matrix Reformatted. I hope you enjoy it! You can check out some production pictures of me using Animate at the facebook.



It was kind of funny :slight_smile: Not sure on the end, but as a matrix fan some of the lines were pretty good.

The voices are recorded waaaay too low. I had to turn my speakers right up to hear and then got an email and it wasn’t nice!

I agree with everything there. I think the idea was more funny than anything else. Future sketches will be more tight. The end as in…the mac? lol.

The voices are low…I’m really trying to fix that. Everything is being learned on the fly. I need to find a proper mic or a something.

And then also, jeesh! Are you guy’s files normally SUPER large also???

download audacity (free audio program) and normalise your wav files.

And yeah that part!

/batman voice “I’ll look into it.”

Yes. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my PC. I just had SO MANY problems trying to make this cartoon. First I moved. Then my brother’s laptop I was using crashed. So I went and bought another computer. But after trying to plug in the monitor it wouldn’t turn on. Well turns out someone bought it already, stripped it, put broken pieces such as the mother board back in it and returned it to the store. WTF!!! I was livid. I have a buddy with an Imac and it just looked so…so…relaxing. Anyways. Yes thanks for the input.

lol, my comments I have nothing to do with PC v mac :slight_smile:

I have a macbook,ipad and iphone so clearly I don’t mind Apple (i do have an alienware PC too :slight_smile: ).

Yes apple has some big pros, but also some cons. I used to love those Apple ads where they took the piss out of PC’s.

And yes filesize depends on format(and some are huge), but remember toonboom is designed to provide the highest quaility for use in broadcast.

Nice work!