Cycling Through Drawings in a Frame?

Greetings All,

So, I’m an advanced user with a fairly silly question:

I’m doing lip sync one frame at a time, since I don’t care for the automated version (I’m pretty quick at it so it’s no big deal)

I’d like to, in a single frame, cycle through the four drawings in my mouth element, without having to jump over to the “Cells” window every other frame to do it.

With just a keyboard shortcut.

Anyone know how to do this? Couldn’t find what to assign a shortcut to in the “shortcuts” part of the preferences…

Thanks a bazillion,

George Berlin
Animator, Illustrator and Multimedia Specialist

I originally mis-read your question, sorry .

This best solution I know of for your issue is referenced in the Cartooning in Toon Boom WIKI on the topic of cell swapping.


The Library menu command “copy to current frame” can be assigned a keyboard shortcut as described in this article. -JK