Cycle loop continues on the frames after selected frames

Hi all

I am on the basic level of using Harmony, and here is an issue I have when try function “cycle”. Let’s say I have 4 frames in my timeline which I would like to loop into the cycle.

  1. when I select these 4 frames, choose “create cycle” and set the number of cycles, I always get only one more cycle, meaning the program just doubles my frames;
  2. if I have some other frames in the same timeline, which are located further in the same timeline, then after “create cycle” I get duplicates of those frames, as if they also have been selected for cycle, but as a separate block of frames.

Please let me know what should be done to have “cycle” function working as expected. I use Harmony Advanced 12.0.0 on Windows 8. Thanks!


It seems I cannot reproduce the issue on my side. Are you doing the selection with a mouse or a pen?
Do you get the same issue if you use the Paste Cycle command instead of Create Cycle?


Hi Marie-Eve Chartrand,

I just have added pictures to my initial post to illustrate the issue. I’m doing selection with a mouse, but using a pen gives the same result, I just have checked it.
And - wait a second!! Paste Cycle works totally fine!! I believe that will be enough for me as long as it solves my problem!
Ten thousands thanks to you!!

Hi Zhuko,

This is very strange indeed. I tested the function on my side and it works… I tested it in Premium 14 and Advanced 12.2 on Mac and Windows 10.

Do you get the same result with Paste Cycle?

I tried to see if there was a bug fix between 12.0 and 12.2, but I could not find it.