Cycle do's and don'ts

Second question.
Is it possible to create cycles (not loops) from nested/pegged cutout character or can cycles only be created from drawings?

The manual entry is not clear about this or how exactly one begins (‘1. Select the element where you want to create the cycle.’ - what does this mean?) but it seems to be a fundamental requirement for a rigged character to repeat a walk cycle or similar repetitive animation where legs, arms, head are all moving at once.

I only used it for the first time yesterday so I may have overlooked the necessary.


Hi Yan:

Cycles are for elements. I’ve only used them on drawing elements, but I think you can use them on image elements as well.

To get a cycle, you have to have several drawings you want to cycle through, a set of drawings you want to repeat, as in a walk, a run, a bird flapping, a wave breaking, etc.

You can set up the cycle from x-sheet or from timeline. Select the drawings you want to cycle and then right-click. Choose “Create Cycle” from the drop-down menu. You’ll be prompted to enter how many cycles you want to create.

It doesn’t work on pegs. Pegs use loops.