Cutting Tool

Attempting to use the cutting tool to cut out an object. But, after I follow the outline and attempt to select what I have cut out, it seems that it cuts out a random jagged area. Doesn’t even resemble what I have traced. Am I missing something? Possibly using the wrong tool??


In theory the cutter tool will always try to close the selection after you release the mouse between that start and end of the selection with a straight line. I am not quite sure if that is what you mean by jagged area though.

Do you mean that the selection is not accurate enough or is it completely selecting something else.



Thanks for the reply Ugo.

I mean the latter. The tool is completely selecting something else.

If I try to cut out a simple box; upon release of the mouse, the area selected will not be a box but a random jagged piece. No matter how many time I try, this continues to happen. Random pieces every time-no two are alike.

Appreciate your help!


I can’t seem to reproduce the behavior you are having here. It might have something to do with the renderer you are using, you may want to change it or play with the options in the Display tab of the Preferences for those may interfere with the picking of element in the drawing/camera view.

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