cutting through solid colors with textures/brushstrokes

can anyone recommend methods for cutting subtle textural areas from otherwise solid toon boom colors, e.g. patchy areas that the background would show through?
this is to add a scuffed up/hand-done look to the color elements.
the method will probably involve scanning a bitmap texture and using a node to subtract from the solid (vector or bitmap) toon boom colors.
maybe a blending mode node arrangement?
(i’m fairly certain this is a different effect that what i see covered in the “Color Override” doc, where a wrapping texture replaces a color element.)
to those familiar with After Effects, this can be done with a “track matte”.
I’ve mocked-up the effect in a png i will upload below.


Try a Cutter-Node
Connect the Bitmap Texture Layer to the Matte Port (white)
Connect the Vector Colour Layer to the Image Port (blue)

that’s great; thanks!