Cutting Straight Lines with the Cutter tool!?

Is it possible to cut straight lines with the Cutter tool!?

I presume for a sharp straight cut
one has to use the Scissor-Tool.


They should add straight line capability to the cutter tool! It would make my life that much easier…lol ;D!

To cut a straight line with the cutter tool you need to hold down the key while you make the cutting stroke. It may not visually look like this is constraining the cut to be straight while you are dragging the cutter but when you select the shape or line that you cut you will see that you got a sharp straight line cut.

Also an important point to note is that the sissor tool only cuts the shape or line if you actually move the selected part otherwise it has no effect, but when you use the cutter tool even if you do nothing after you drag the cutter across what you are cutting the cut exists. -JK

TGRS…I am not getting the straight lines with the cutter tool by the way you mention :(!

I’m really sorry, I neglected to ask what Toon Boon product and version are you using. We are using TBS 3.0.1 on the MAC and this feature works for us. I can’t address other products or versions or operating systems. -JK

a 3.0.1 on a pc doesn’t seem to have this feature.

Gosh Rob, maybe I just have a real steady hand and the key isn’t doing it??? -JK

as you’re able to amaze us, i wouldn’t even wonder … :wink:

I will be in the studio later today and will re-test this, perhaps I only imagined that it worked and it really was just an accident in how I was testing it. I thought I was cutting with a fairly loose line (squigglely) and held down the shift key and it didn’t seem to constrain the cut, but when I finished and selected the object the cut was straight although not horizontal, perhaps that’s the difference in what we are discussing. I got a straight cut but not a purely horizontal cut. I’ll re-test and report back, I have been wrong before so anything is possible. -JK