Cutting/Copying and Pasting...

This program is so UNintuitive. I’ve never had so much trouble learning a program as this.

Anyway, it seems that copying and pasting sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. I’m sure it’s my fault, but all I’m trying to do is take some frames from the timeline, copy them and paste them some other place in the timeline. But there’s no way I can find to do this.
When I control click there is no option to cut/copy and paste.
It seems like you should be able to just drag or copy/drag some keyframes (or regular frames) and release them anywhere. But there doesn’t seem to be a way to do that either.
I’ve been going over tutorials again and again. Because of it’s complexity it’s hard to remember things.

Is there one place that summarizes all the ways and places you can use these commands?


Forgot to mention, I’m on a Mac using TBS 4.5

Either select the cell in the timeline / then right-click (control-click) and choose Copy /
click anywhere in the timeline (you’ll see a grey cell… if you click in the empty timeline) /
right-click that cell and choose Paste.

Or select the cell in the timeline / then command+C / click anywhere in the timeline /
then command+V. (If you have special requirements use command+B (Paste Special))…

Or click the cell in the timeline / hold down the mouse or pen / move very slightly in any direction until you’ll see a little square next to your cursor (the cell turns brownish) /
hold down the option-key / the little square changes to a green dot with a white plus sign /
drag your cell to any position in the timeline and let go…

Of course, one can do most of those things in the Exposure Sheet as well…
(Try a search under “Copying and Pasting Drawings” in the Help-files…


Thanks Nolan. I’m pretty sure I’ve been trying that and it seems sometimes it works and sometimes not. I’ll have to pay closer attention next time.

I also had a problem with selecting in the camera view…
I would select a hand from the timeline, it would show up as selected in the camera window, but when I would go to adjust the selection it would automatically select the whole peg and never let me select just the part.
I restarted and then it was okay again.

Not sure, but maybe there’s something going on in the system or program that’s causing things to happen arbitrarily.