cutting and pasting frames with motion,scale,etc

I’m having trouble pasting frames to a new drawing once I’ve added motion,scale,etc to them. I make it a keyframe and paste it to a new element and it works. Is there a quicker way to do this without turning it into a key frame? Bear in mind I’m still trying to figure out the peg situation. Thanks alot. matt


It depend if the original position was made as a keyframe or as static values. If you had originally positioned your things using the scene planning Select tool you can actually copy the static position from that element using the Select tool to copy and use the Paste Special option (Cntrl+B) on the new element. In the Paste Special window uncheck Create/Delete Exposure since you only want to carry over the positions.

If the original positioning was made out of a keyframe you will need to create a keyframe on the new element to get the values. Be aware that the function editor contain all the value you input so you could actually type them down manually in the property tab of that element.

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Thanks alot Ugo. matt