cutting and pasting drawings

Hi everyone. When I cut and paste a drawing to another element it will often look thicker than it previously was. It ends up looking like I used a brush instead of a pencil. Anybody know why this is and how to avoid it?


I tried to reproduce what you are describing here without success so far. Do you have any specific method you follow to get this behavior?



Basically I think it turns my pencil picture into a brush picture. This has been happening alot. I’ve imported a previous drawing from my library into a new element and it doesn’t turn out exactly as it was before. Does this make more sense. I’ve also had times when I zoom in and draw and then when I go back to “reset zoom” the line is thicker again. Maybe I’m hitting some weird keyboard shortcut. Thanks. matt


If you had pencil lines before and dropped it in the library they should still be pencil when you bring them back and same goes with the cut/copy paste option.

This being said if you do a convert line to brush to your drawing it is quite possible that the geometry of the line change a little. Not sure exactly if that is what you are encountering. Also, have you tried rendering your scene? It might be some kind of graphical artifact you are getting which may not affect the final render.

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Go to Edit-Preferences and play around with the display settings. Sometimes there are things that cause Toon Boom to go wonky when the display settings are off.

I’ll try rendering and display. Thanks alot for your help as always. matt