cutter's "use mouse gesture" option

(TBA2 standard, build 7.9.0)

The ch.15 tutorial demonstrates using the cutter tool’s “use mouse gesture” option on line art. The documentation (page 130 of the user guide) also implies that it is for lines. However I can only get this option to work on brush strokes, rather than on pencil lines. I have made sure “auto flatten” is disabled.

Would this perchance be an undocumented difference between the standard and pro versions?

Thanks for any clarification,
- Rashid

Hi Lilly!

Is there anyway I can achieve the same effect using the polyline tool?

Thank you!

This works in Harmony for Pencil though.

The Mouse Gesture works only on brush strokes, not on pencil lines.

If you want to get a similar effect using pencil lines, what you need to do is select the pencil lines and then do a Flatten on them. Now, using your select tool, you should be able to left-click (not drag) or middle-click on a line segment then hit delete to delete it.

I just looked at the page in question in the User Guide and you’re correct, it’s not clear that it’s only for brush strokes. I’ll pass the feedback on to the documentation team.