Cutter tool

The cutter tool doesn’t seem to be doing anything for me. I am trying to use it to separate parts of a character for use as a cut out component. If I am supposed to be using a different tool for this or if I am missing something about the cutter tool let me know.


The Cutter tool will actually create a vector line that is only visible when you “Show Strokes”, which is under the view menu. Then you could select the cut pieces and delete the ones you don’t want.
I personally like to use the “Scissors” tool for separating parts for cut out. Use it to select the parts to be copied/pasted or deleted. I think this tool will work a bit better for what you’re trying to do.

By default the Scissors tool is marquee, or square shaped. Hold down the Alt key while using it to switch to Lasso mode.

Hi. When I select the scissors tool the image I want to cut out dissapears. Any idea what’s happening? Thanks.