Cutter Tool For Clean-up

Hey, can anyone confirm that the cutter tool is not removing the extra lines when you swipe it across any of the extra pencils lines? I could have sworn that it was working in Version 1 but doesn’t seem to be working for me now in Animate Pro version 2. I’ve even re-downloaded the installer from my products page and reinstalled after a fresh HD formatting. I have Harmony standalone installed as well and it works in that (while I had my license). The build of Animate Pro stage is “newer” then the Harmony Stage build when I checked but Harmony gets updated constantly for various studios and productions so I can’t rely on that as a way to check that my version is the most current.

Can anyone confirm the most updated build of Animate Pro 2? I don’t have my laptop with me so I can’t check my build but will post it later on when I can.


I don’t remember the mouse gesture working on brush strokes either but I’ll have to double check.

The Mouse Gesture at the moment works only with brush strokes, not with pencil lines. If you want to clean up with pencil lines, you need to select the pencil lines and flatten them. Then you can use your select tool to left-click (not drag) on a segment to select that segment, then hit delete to delete it.

The mouse gesture with a pencil line has only been implemented very recently in Harmony.


It should work on brush strokes as long as you don’t flatten them. Perhaps you have auto-flatten turned on for your brush tool properties?