Cutter tool behaviour in Animate Pro 3

Hi there,

I’ve just recently upgraded to Animate Pro 3, from 2, and I’ve noticed that the cutter no longer toggles when I hold down a modifier key, it simply switches to the cutter tool permanently. This can be annoying, because when I do my cleanup I like to hold down my modifier key (C) for the cutter so that I can draw through shapes and swipe through the extra lines, removing them as I go. Now, when I hold down my modifier key (C) it switches to that cutter tool and I have to choose the paint tool again to go back to drawing.

The funny thing is that when I hit the shortcut key for the paint tool (B), it toggles it, and when I let go, it goes back to the cutter tool. If these were switched, I’d be in heaven!

Am I explaining this well enough? If someone knows how to re-enable this feature, I’d love to know.


  • DJ

Using Animate Pro 3 / OSX 10.9.4

Option+b activates my Brush-Tool…
Option+/ activates my Pen-Tool…

Holding down the t-key temporarily activates the Cutter-Tool.

Hi Nolan,

I’ve reset all of my keybindings back to default and tried what you’d suggested; holding down the T-key did not do anything.

Am I doing something wrong?

  • DJ


If I remember correctly, the default shortcuts are for Adobe Flash. If you change it to “Toon Boom Animate” you will be able to use the T key to temporarily access the cutter tool.

That worked! Happy day :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your help - I’m super excited to have my good ol’ cutter tool back again!

Many thanks,

  • DJ