Cutter - seeing outside mask

Sometimes its good to be able to see the counturs of an object that is masked by another layer.
Is that option possible or more a feature request?

Try the “Select” tool = Option (alt) + S.

Yes, Of course you see the total object then, I was more thinking of being able to see the kind o shadow image.
Maybe its just useful. Just an idea that came up when working.


If you have the masking layer selected, you can enable the Show Current Drawing on top option. (If you have a drawing tool selected, it will appear).

I hope this helps,


Thank you very much Marie-Eve,

It’s always exciting to learn something new.



I’m always happy when I can help!


Yes, I use this now and then.
But If you use the tranformtool I dont think this option is working.

I was thinking if you wanted to have something to be animated within the mask it had been easier if you could see at least a shadow image of the postion outside.
Maybe its better tools for this in Premium. I use Advanced.

/ Mattias

HI Mattias,

You can still suggest it as a feature request.

I just discovered that in Harmony 14, if you enable the Outline mode, you can see the outline of the cutting object (when using the Current Drawing on Top and a drawing tool). With the Transform tool selected, you see the outline covering the drawing being cut, and the piece being cut… but you don’t see what’s outside.


Yes, there are a lot of features and they are all useful in different situations.