cutter problem

i can’t select objects that are being inverse cut into another object. i can select them with the transform tool but not the black select arrow to edit the drawing. is this just a preference that needs to be set?


It may actually have something to do with your video card. The OpenGL view is dependent of your card performances and having special effects such as cutters applied on a drawing may make it no longer refresh properly depending of your card.

I tried on my side and I could select and move an element that is plugged in a cutter that is inverted.

Make sure you have the latest version of your video card drivers, it may help with this issue.

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Hi LazyD

How did you do that with cutter? What procedure you have taken?
Normally, cut object can be selected in pasted location. When you are using selection tool, make sure to select the right drawing in the Time Line in case other drawing is active currently.