Cutter preventing rendering of drawing layer

Hello! First time posting on the forum :slight_smile:

I am having a bit of a weird problem with my Animate Pro, it’s a problem I’ve only encountered once before with someone else’s file and we couldn’t solve it.

Basically I am animating a cut out character. In the new scene I have the cutout puppet brought in, but during animation I added a new drawing layer (body part) which I subsequently pegged etc. I added a cutter to the drawing to hide part of it during the animation.

Problem now is that when I render an SWF, the drawing layer does not render. Does SWF not like cutter modules? Because when I render without the cutter on, it shows up fine. Any suggestions on a solution here would be great because I don’t want this to happen every time I use a cutter :frowning:

Thank you!

Nopre, it’s definitely the SWF :frowning:

Not all special effects are supported for SWF export. Flash doesn’t have cutters as such, they mask out cut shapes instead so there’s no real analog to this effect in Flash.

I see. Maybe I’ll just have to work my way around it with some drawing replacements then. Thanks!

One thing you might try to narrow down possibilities is to export the segment to something other than SWF. If the layer does not render it rules out SWF being the issue.