Cutter node leaves behind a nasty outline when rendered

Hello! I seem to be having a problem with the cutter node in harmony, it was all looking fine and dandy until I attempted a test render and noticed the object which is meant to be cut out is leaving a thin rim behind and I’m unsure of what to do about it.
I’ve tried plugging a Matte-Resize node in between the cutter and composite and increasing the size by 0.4, which on one hand does remove the outline but increases the size and makes the cut a lot less clean.
I also tried plugging the cutter node into the composition several times which almost works but theres still a little bit left behind no matter how many connections I add.
I’m not sure what to do about it at this point, does anyone know how to fix this?

Regarding your 2nd point, the horizontal line extending beyond the circular eye shape looks fine to me. It looks intentional. Eye lids actually do come down over the eyeball and are extend beyond the limits of the ball surface. Another way to see this is that the extended line just represents eyelashes. If that is the only artifact let this be and proceed with the project.

If you want to stick this out and learn how to prevent that from happening try looking through Stylus Rumble’s videos on eye rigs and using the cutter. She might address this.