Cutter module: how can I apply it to multiple drawings?


with Animate2 I was feeling quite at ease with the Effects.
With PRO, the Network’s logic sometimes confuses me.

I am trying to get a masking shape to cut simultaneously into various drawings that are inside a Peg.
With Animate2 it was really easy-peasy: I added the mask, drew the masking shape, and put everything inside the Mask layer.
With PRO, I find the cutter will only take two drawings at a time (a drawing + the masking shape). If I try to add another drawing, it disconnects one of the previous ones.

To describe it simply:
Say I have two drawings: a circle and a square, and they are both inside a Peg.
Now I want another shape, a masking shape, to cut into them both.
As far as I can figure it out (and following the example in the Guide), after I have created my masking shape and connected it to the Cutter, I can either add the circle OR the square.
The Cutter won’t take masking shape, circle AND the square.

The Peg, which contains both circle and square, cannot, as far as I can see, be added to the cutter.

So the only solution I can think of is to make as many Cutters as I have parts. In this case just two (one for the square and one for the circle).
This can’t be the right road, at the best it’s a workaround, because if instead of just two parts I had, say, twenty, I’d go berserk with so many Cutters.

I’m pretty sure this is another case in which I’m not seeing something obvious… sorry. But before I go chasing Windmills, I prefer to ask here.


Yes!! Solved! :slight_smile:

thank you Lilly!

You need to add a composite node to your circle and your square, then put the output of the composite node through your cutter.

Hope this helps!


You’re welcome!