Cutter leaving outline

I have an eye just like the one in the picture(not mine but the same problem). Does anyone have a way to fix the outline problem without using the matte resize? Using the matte resize blurs the eye and makes it look weird.

Wow! Can Toon Boom not figure this out? It seems like this could be fixed.

That’s and old issue and an old “argument” we have with ToonBoom.

Everytime tou put 2 shapes with coinciding edges one on top of another, this thin line appears, due to this anialias issue.

You can render without antialias, but the result is crappy.

The Matte resize solution works, but you always have to change its parametes, because it depends on the camera zoom (as camera approaches, the matte resize values must be corrected), so if you have a zoom on the scene, it is tricky to make it work.

The solution we found out that works, but is very time and resources consuming is rendering the scene at 8K and reducing it’s size to Full HD.
In 8K the lines are there, when you reduce the size of the image, the lines vanish because they are so thin…

A Friend of mine works on a studio that use to pass the top shape on the composition several times, until the line vanishes… But we think this mess the antialias a little bit…

I’ve made a function linking the Camera’s Z value to the Matte Resize value, but it only works if your camera peg is separate. I was not able to determine the Camera’s Z value on a 3D peg controlled camera.

There’s another trick that works. Instead of using matte resize, take the line going out of the autopatch with eye white and plug it several more times into the same composite. It will work even when scales without needing to adjust it like matte resize. Sure it looks ugly in the node view but it works.

A gif:

And here’s with resize:

So autopatching didn’t work but putting the composite through the eye white and plugging it in several times worked.

Yea it’s one of those tricks that aren’t explained anywhere in the docs, you just find it through experimentation.

It is indeed true that this “issue” is not just Harmony specific. I replicated a similar head set up with the hair line being cut by the shape of the head with the hair mass sitting behind it all in both Harmony and After Effects. In Harmony I used a Cutter Node and in AE I used a Track Matte which both are essentially accomplishing the same thing. As you can see from the images below the thin black outline is the same result.

That said…maybe Toon Boom can come up with a more user-friendly way of dealing with this issue hint hint!…??

Soooooo, I can’t fix the problem? I have real-time and full scene antialiasing off.

Have a look what Marie-Eve Chartrand from Toon Boom has to say about this issue:

Posted 7 months ago on 01/08/2016 at 13h23
Hi everyone,
This is an antialiasing behaviour. When rendering an image, the edge is antialiased. If you put two elements side by side, with matching edges, in OpenGL, it will look normal as there is generally no antialiasing, but when rendered, the touching edges will be slightly transparent and create that 1 pixel fuzzy line as both edges are antialiased (coloured semi-transparent pixels). When using the Cutter or Auto-Patch, you will get this result. Using the Matt-Resize puts an opaque colour where you would normally have the semi-transparent pixels.
This result is not specific to Harmony.
Let me know if my explanation is not clear.

My solution for this has been to make sure what ever is cutting is a little bigger than what is being cut- or to layer things over the seam.
So if the gap is between the eye white and outline of the eye, putting the eye white on the colour layer and making it a little bigger will work.

With the example you’ve shown it might help to make a green screen cutter. you can put some extra art on the overlay layer- and use layer selectors to prevent it from being displayed.
I would need to see how your network is set up to give you a specific fix.