Cutter confusingly doesn't do much when "Apply to all frames" is checked. Add warning or per-tool "Apply to all frames"?

To be clear, I think trying to use the mouse gesture cutter across frames would be a disaster. The problem is that whenever I have “Apply to all frames” selected for some other reason and I go to the cutter, it just seems broken as there is no error message when I try to swipe cut something. It simply doesn’t work. I do appreciate that “Apply to all frames” is in a big red box, that’s the only reason I was able to figure out the problem, but it might be worth it to go one step farther and have “Apply to all frames” be checked on a per-tool basis.

I’m seeing that I can still select+cut things by dragging a lasso and that works across all frames. I guess that means there is some value to cutter+“apply to all frames”, though I’m not sure I’ll use that anytime soon.