Cutout problem

I’m attempting to animate using cutout images, and got advice here to use an alpha channel w/ my images to ensure a transparent background. I’ve studied tutorials on how to use Photoshop Elements to make images w/ transparent backgrounds, and have done a lot of experimenting w/ my photos, cutting them up and trying to create PNG or PSG files w/ transparent backgrounds, but when I import them into TBS that darn white square (the background that’s supposed to be transparent) still shows! Any tips?

I’m teaching a high school animation class in the fall using ToonBoom, and have been trying to create projects that won’t require a lot of artistic skill from my students. Animating cutout photo images seemed ideal, but I’m not making much progress. Any suggestions would be welcome!

In Photoshop select the part of the image you like to cut out,
got to Edit/Cut - then open a new file with transparent background and paste your cut out.
This file save as PNG or PSD. Go back to your image cut more part and save again
each cut out in its own file as PNG or PSD.

Or cut and paste each cut out in Photoshop on its own layer,
when you’re done go to File/Scipts/Export Layers to Files, choose PSD and click RUN.

In Toon Boom Studio import these cut out images each on their own image layer,
put them on pegs, scale or resize and bring them into position.