cutout and traditional animation

I want to use cutout puppet animation but also want to do traditional.

Lets say that i have extended the exposure of the cutout puppet for 100 frames. Then I want to use traditional animation to change the shape of the arm or torso.

So far the only way to do this is to create cells that are numbered or use the cell properties box to change the shape of one bodypart.

But is there a way to change existing frames without all of them being affected? I got 100 frames that have been extended and if i try to change one frame, all of them get changed. Is there a way around this? besides using cell properties box or creating numbered frames?

also this is one of the first animations i made. It is crude but im still learning

I recommend that you read and study the two articles listed below. In particular your question indicates that you are not yet clear as to the concepts of frames and cells. I go into significant detail on those concepts particularly in the Basics Part 2 article so you may want to start by reading it first. In the Basics Part 1 (which actually should be read second) I go into details about adjusting timing which you will find very useful. If and when you have additional questions just post them here and I’ll gladly try to answer them. But as recommended, please take the time to read these articles as they contain a wealth of valuable information and insights that will make you future work easier. -JK

Basics Part 2

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