cut-outs and the moebius effect

I have a cutout of a student playing the violin. Head is in front of violin is in front of arm is in front of bow but bow should be in front of the violin.

Order of the elements and the offset for each:

. . Body 0.00F
. . . . Head 0.02F
. . . . Violin 0.01F
. . . . Arm 0.03F
. . . . . . Bow 0.02F

The problem is that in Camera view, the bow displays above the arm. I want it to look like the bow is being held in the hand, not setting on top of it.

I posted the output as a quicktime file on That shows the problem with the "bow hand."


In this case I would suggest to separate the hand into a separate layer. That way you can have the Hand as a child to the Arm but in front of the Bow.

If you want it even more realistic, you can put the Forearm in the same layer as the Hand so that it appears in front of the Violin.

I hope this is useful to you.

If I’m understanding you, put the hand on a new element then bump the Z-value for just the hand. That’s something to try.