Cut-out tutorials

I finally got around to opening these tutorials and none of them have any sound. All of my other files ahve sound, just not the tutorials.

Did I get a bad copy or is there something I’m missing? I tried running them both in Quicktime and RealPlayer.

My Cut-Out Tutorials play just fine with audio in Quicktime 6.5.2. Perhaps you should try downloading them again.


These tutorials were compressed using the Mpeg 4 codec which comes with QuickTime 6 and higher.

Please upgrade your version of QuickTime is required.


No, I have version 6.3. I’ll try downloading them again.

Well, I went out and upgraded to Quicktime 7.0 and downloaded DivX and they work now. For some reason QT 6 just didn’t like them.

I have just about every codec out there on my PC so I was surprised that it didn’t work at first.

Oh well, problem solved. ;D